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Learn and Teach is basically a forum where you would learn C++ Language and of course would teach to your friends. This website has a lot of Learning materials and also has a Variety of Sample Programs and C++ projects .There are a lot of links to useful websites and also a collection of free books. I want  from you to post your question on the Question and answer  page and my team would like to answer your questions. Question and answer  page is Specially helpful for students who does not have any tutor for learning C++ Language.Lets start to Learn C++ Language.

History of C++ Language:

we are not here to read History of C++ Language , we are here to Learn Practically C++ Language but i would give a little History of C++ Language so that you know what are you learning if you want to learn more regarding history of C++ Language check the following links.

History of C++ Programming.

C++ Language is the derived form of  C Language. It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the early 1980s at Bell Laboratories. C++ Language provides a number of features than C language, but more importantly, it provides capabilities for Object Oriented Programming.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP):

Before you understand Object Oriented Programming(OOP) you should know about the Objects.


  • In the OOP approach, data and the functions, which are supposed to have the access to the data, are packed together into one box known as an object.
  • Objects of the program interact by sending messages to each other.                            

Different types of Objects:

  • Physical Objects
    1. Automobiles in a Traffic-Flow Simulation.
    2. Electronic Components in a circuit-design Program.
    3. Countries in an Economic Model.
    4. Aircraft in an Air-Traffic-Control System.
  • Elements of the computer-user Environment
    1. Windows
    2. Menus
    3. Graphics Objects
    4. The Mouse, Keyboard, Disk Drivers and printer.
  •   Human Entities    
    1. Employees
    2. Students
    3. Customers
    4. Salespeople
  • Collections of Data
    1. An Inventory
    2. A Personnel file
    3. A Dictionary
  • User Defined Data Types
    1. Time
    2. Angles
    3. Complex Numbers
    4. Points on the Plane     


How to Learn C++ Language

I learn C++ Language from the Lectures of my Teachers, I would also recommend you that Lectures. You should Download the lectures from the page Lectures and the procedure for learning should be as follow:
  • Download the Lecture.
  • Start from the first Lecture (For beginner's otherwise you could start from your own choice).
  • Read the Lecture carefully and try to understand it.
  • Now go to the Sample Programs   page and see the programs regarding that lecture.
  • Try to to make programs similar to that sample programs and once you learn then go to the next Lecture.

I also found a website on the internet which is very useful for learning C++ Language, you could also check this website.

Learning C++ Programming.


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